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Nectarin (10kg box)

Buy Fresh Nectarines from Spain. Box 10 kg.

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Taste of nectarines slightly resembles that of peaches (nectarines are even called "bald peaches" due to the lack of bloom on the peel), but there is also a pleasant almond flavor and a whole symphony of bright tastes. Nectarine will delight you with a surprisingly bright taste, and it also contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, which make it is so good for health.

You can often see unripe nectarines in stores (they are hard and have no rich flavor). It is better to order the fruit directly from the producer.

You can buy from us the fruit directly from farmers from sunny Spain. Purchase of nectarines will be cheaper than in the store, but you won’t find such fruit in a regular store. They are fresher and juicier – you will be able to enjoy their bright taste, cook flavorful and healthy mousses, drinks and juices.

Nectarines are delivered in boxes (your family will be able to enjoy their wonderful taste for at least 5 days). Deliveries from producers take some time, you will have to wait for a few days, but then you can enjoy the awesome taste of fresh fruit.

Buy nectarines now, and we will deliver them to you at the address you specified.  






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