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Hard cheese "Žalgiris" (box - 8 container x 180 g)

Package - carton box (8 plastic container x 180 g)

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Listed By   Vilvi
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"Žalgiris" is a hard 40% FIDM cheese with expressive aroma and rich fruity taste. During ripening, the fragile structure of the cheese is formed, thus providing pleasant sensations when tasting it. The "Žalgiris" cheese is made from the highest quality milk of Lithuanian cows grazing on the river meadows. Those are the fruits of a long and patient work of the Vilkyškių pieninė employees, since "Žalgiris"’ ripening takes at least seven months. The cheese ripening is carried out using a special greenish cheese coating, which provides natural ripening conditions. After ageing for a longer period of time, "Žalgiris" becomes more fragile, and its fruity taste becomes more perceptible. This cheese is perfect to accompany wine, fruits, and nuts; you can add it to your favourite dishes, "Žalgiris" will only make them more piquant.

Energy value:
100 g of product energy value - 1424 kJ/ 342 kcal
Protein – 30.0 g
Fat – 24.0 g
Carbohydrate – 1.6 g

Shelf life - 90 days

Pieces in box/boxes on pallet - 8/136


2011 – cheese "Žalgiris" won the gold medal in the "Best Product" category at the international exhibition "World Food Moscow".
2011 – cheese "Žalgiris" received the award in the "Russian Trade Networks’ Choice" category at the international exhibition "Prodexpo" held in Moscow.



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